Basic functions available MINI STD PRO CON
in all versions from 2.26
Horses 1 ° ° °
Stables 0 1 ° °
Nutrients 8 24 33 33
Quotas (Ca/P, Prot/MJ, Zi/Cu) - 1 3 3
Storage alternatives 1 1 2 °
Data for all breeds YES YES YES YES
Information for calculation of growth rate, requirements, and body weights for all breeds
Information about nutrients YES YES YES YES
All nutrients available in PC-Horse are documented and consequences of over- and under-supply are given
Nutrient requirements YES YES YES YES
Actual nutrient requirements are calculated for the individual horse and may be printed
Help to calculate body weight YES YES YES YES
Shows typical body weight, adjusted for condition. Calculates chest girth from body weight and vice versa
Training slider YES YES YES YES
Continuous adjustment of training levels, showing implications for energy requirements
Feed list with nutrient composition YES YES YES YES
Feed lists containing generic feeds (hays, grains) and commercial feeds from suppliers
Warns of insufficient roughage in the ration, or when important nutrients are too little or too much
Select brand YES YES YES YES
Easy handling of feed lists. Brands and feeds may be copied or removed
Purchase prices YES YES YES YES
Enter your prices for each feed - and your costs will be automatically calculated in the reports
Backup copying YES YES YES YES
Personal information relating to feeds, horses and stables may be copied to a pre-defined folder
Picture your own horse YES YES YES YES
Choose your own picture or use a default picture from the PC-Horse library
Feed list with guaranteed feeds (UK Feed List) YES YES YES YES
Ready-to-use commercial feeds with nutrient compositions
Diary for the horse YES YES YES YES
A diary (notebook) for all information regarding each horse
Body growth (body gain) YES YES YES YES
Comparison of body gain of your horse related to expected body gain for a young horse of the breed
Mating a lactating mare YES YES YES YES
Special treatment of lactating mares
Contact register YES YES YES YES
Address, e-mail and phone number of horse owners, vets, suppliers etc  
Daily meals chart     YES YES
You may set time and occasions. Calculated for all horses in a stable
Automatic download of new feed lists YES YES YES YES  
The program checks for newly available feed lists each time it is started  
Previous ration sheets and requirements are stored for future use
Adding your own feeds YES YES YES YES
Make your own individual feeds and add them to the stable feed list
Advanced functions MINI STD PRO CON
Adding and importing feed lists   YES YES YES
You may add new feed lists as required, and copy feeds between lists
Dry Matter Control   YES YES YES
Dry matter (DM) content will be shown gradually as you balance the content of the ration.
Report on a stable   YES YES YES
Statistics on all horses provided in a single report
Feed calculator     YES YES
To prepare your own feed mixes or total mixed rations
Monitor your treatments     YES YES
PC-Horse allows for planning and monitoring of vaccinations, worming, reproduction, farrier and more
Daily meals chart     YES YES
Calculated for all horses in a stable
Export & import     YES YES
Stable data and feed lists may be imported or exported
E-mailing from PC-Horse     YES YES
Ration sheets, and many other reports emailed using your regular email client
An individual feed list for each stable     YES YES
Each stable with its own customisable feed list
Customized feed prices     YES YES
Each stable may have its own feed prices
Calculation of costs of feeding     YES YES
Available on a per horse, per stable, and per day, week and month basis
Comparison of feeds     YES YES
Nutrient composition in several feeds
Customized reports for email distribution     YES YES
Email one or several reports to one or several adressees with one click
Quick Search     YES YES
For a more efficient start when you have many horses
Stable or company logo       YES
Adds your contact information and logo to all reports
Model stable       YES
A stable where you save ÓtypicalÓ horses (templates) for re-use at later times
Model horses       YES
ÓTemplateÓ horses which you can copy to an ordinary stable for further use
Report customization for nutrients       YES
Select the nutrients you want to show in your reports
More than one username per license       YES
Reports may be labelled with individual names (consultants, students etc)
Energy calculation options       YES
Select between the French system (default) or NRC2007
Quick-search of horses and owners       YES
Find any horse or owner in an instant